Destroy old uniforms or unwanted fabric/textile material…
safeguard your image

We offer document scanning and shredding/destruction services to both commercial and residential customers to the inland empire community, southern california.
We serve the Riverside, San Bernardino, North Orange and Los Angeles Counties

Scan your documents and records into searchable digital files.
May it be financial, legal, medical and even photos, we will scan, separate, arrange and label into e-files.

Got a clutter of unwanted records? Don’t risk identity theft. Shred and be safe. protect your identity. We shred them to unrecognizable and unreconstructable pieces to ensure safety of your date. call for our competitive shredding rates

Save on your time, your space and $$$ too. Have a peace of mind


We join the inland empire family in our joint effort in combating and reducing the spread of the Covid 19 virus within our community. We will continue to offer our services to our clients as we support the initiatives undertaken by various organizations and authorities in fighting the menace. we have made the following adjustments

  • Constant observation and communication with our staff to detect any symptoms
  • Reduced the number of collection personnel out in the field for any particular assignment or pick up
  • What can wait will wait. Any non urgent services will be undertaken when the situation gets better.we are communicating with clients to establish need
  • Communication with clients prior to pick ups, to establish on the minute situations
  • Where possible,we will pick up at non office hours to minimize human contact
  • Arranging with our clients to isolate material to be picked up into areas with minimal human traffic
  • Constant communication with clients on any new inforrmation we deem relevant in containing the spread
  • Prior arrangement for drop offs to ensure no more than 5 people together at any one point
  • We look forward to getting through it and appreciate that our joint efforts will get us through together and sooner

Document Scanning and Imaging

At Doc Scan & Shred, we scan your physical documents into digital files easy to search and reference. we create pdf files. We’ll scan, sort,organize, label and save for you. Files are cleaned for highest quality. No punch marks, shades

Shredding and Destruction

We offer offsite paper shredding and destruction services for commercial and residential customers in the inland empire. pick up and drop of services are offered depending on distance and quantity of material to be destroyed.

Textile/Fabric Material Shredding and Destruction

Got old staff uniforms with your logo on it? or maybe excess fabric inventory that displays your brand and would like to get it destroyed so as to safeguard your company image? We will shred all fabric…

Shredding Bins and Consoles

Do you have a constant destruction or shredding need.? Maybe in your office, facility, shop or other kind of premises. We provided you with a secured console or lockable bin. Throw in all the documents you need shredded. Our professional…

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